Registering your car seat

- March 27, 2017

Car seats just like any other products are subject to recalls.  Many times, recalls are not complicated. They may involve an updated manual or a new label. Should this be the case, the car seat is safe to use.

The only way a car seat manufacturer can get in touch with you is if you have registered your car seat with them.

Registering your car seat is quite easy. A new car seat will come with a registration card. This should be filled out and sent. Registration is also easy on the internet. offers a link that connects car seat registrations among numerous manufacturers. This means that you can register without the worry of loosing your card.

You can also register your car seat by Calling the manufacturer. Most Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPSTs) have generic forms at hand to be filled in order to register the car seat.  This is quite useful especially if you are not sure who to send the form to.

What Information is required?

Here is what you need to fill out on the registration card (If it already does not have a label with all the car seat’s details)

  1. Model name
  2. Date of manufacture
  3. Manufacturer name
  4. Model number

The parent company will sometimes have a different name from the name on the car seat. For example: Parent company, Dorel has Cosco, Maxi-Cosi and Cosi. This means that the manufacturer name listed on the car seat sticker is not the same as the name on the front of the car seat.

The information that you need to register your car seat (as mentioned above) will be found on the bottom or the side of the car seat.  There may also be a copy of this sticker on the registration card.

Email alerts from can keep you updated on recalls that have not been processed (not just the ones you have registered).

We hope that The Car Seat Nerd will help you register your kid’s car seats and booster seats. This way, you are aware of any or all recalls as well as any urgent fixes.

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