Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat Review

- December 5, 2016

Consumer Reports recently rated the Chicco (Pronounced Kee-Koh) Keyfit and the Keyfit 30 as the best infant car seat over all the car seat models tested. And rightfully so! The Chicco Keyfit is a fantastic infant car seat.

This premium infant car seat is very popular with parents in the USA, primarily because it’s packed with safety features, is great for preemies and new born babies, and is incredibly easy to install. It also has higher weight and height limits, meaning you get to use this car seat for longer (Excellent news considering what you have to pay for it. This makes the Chicco Keyfit is definitely worth every dollar.)

Quick Stats

  • Will fit babies in the 4-30 lbs weight range, and up to 30” in height.
  • Has an insert for infants between 4-11 lbs
  • Compatible as a travel system with several stroller brands.
  • Lowest harness position: 7″
  • Weight (without base): 9.5 lbs
  • Expiration: 6 years
  • Handle position: Allowed in any locked position
  • Product Dimensions: 27 x 17 x 22.5 inches


  • EPS energy-absorbing foam liner for impact protection.
  • The Chicco Keyfit has three harness heights, with the lowest being 7″ (Good for small babies and preemies). You can easily choose a height that keeps the harness at or below your baby’s shoulders.
  • Comes included with a one stay in car base.
  • Has bubble indicators on either side of its base to show when a proper fit has been reached
  • Single-pull LATCh installation.
  • Compatible as a travel system with several stroller brands.
  • Expiration: 6 years
  • Removable padded infant insert for babies 4-11 lbs.
  • Has an adjustable, multi-position canopy
  • Easy removal from both stroller and base
  • Easy vehicle belt routing and a built in lock-off system accommodate vehicles without LATCH
  • FAA approved for use on an aircraft
  • Handle position

What we like about the Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat


The Chicco Keyfit is probably the easiest car seat to install. With a leveling foot to adjust to the angle of your car seat for an accurate fit, a bubble-level Indicators show that a proper base angle has been achieved, and a one pull harness adjustment, installing the Chicco is a cinch!

Installation using LATCH

With  LATCH, simply attach the anchors to the vehicles hooks, then tighten the five-point harness easily using the one-pull harness adjustment. Make the install tighter by you push the car seat towards the car’s seat. A bubble level indicator exists to show you when a proper angle has been achieved.

How to install the Chicco car seat base using LATCH

How to secure the Chicco into the car seat base

How to install the Chicco KeyFit using the Shoulder/Lap Belt

How to install a car seat without its base

Installing the KeyFit using the seat belt is pretty easy too. The belt paths are easily marked and have lock-offs to secure the base in place.

Fit to Child

The Chicco Keyfit has a minimum weight limit of 4 lb and  a 7″ bottom harness position. This makes this car seat an excellent choice  for smaller babies and preemies, as well as average size new-born babies.

This car seat also has a maximum weight limit of 30 lbs, and a maximum height limit of 30″ (either that or your baby’s head 1″ from the top of the car seat shell). This means that your baby will not outgrow their car seat as quickly.

The KeyFit 30 has three harness height slots so you can choose the right height to keep the harness at or below baby’s shoulders.

Infant Insert

The seat includes an infant insert that can help even the smallest babies achieve a proper fit. This insert must however be removed when baby weighs 11 lbs.


A recurring pet peeve that most parents have with the Chicco Keyfit infant car seat is the canopy.

The Canopy

The Chicco Keyfit’s canopy has been a pet peeve for many parents. We have since learned that the Chicco has a number of canopy options. Put simply, there are 4 types of Chicco Keyfit 30 canopies.

Here is the Chicco Keyfit’s canopy breakdown.

  1. The sporty canopy- Does not shade too well. Is the source of many a frustrated parent. Also note: Many parents have no issues with this car seat. Models in this range are the aster, veranda, radius,glacial, snapdragon, midori, graphica, romantic, Sedona, minerale, surge and the pulse.
  2. The magic canopy- Has a zipper in the back. When opened, you can extend the canopy using a mesh opeing. This provides a sufficient decent shade. Models in this range are coal, avena and solare
  3.  3-panel canopy – Provides fantastic shade. Is however difficult to identify. One sure fire way to know is if the car seat comes with an accompanying BRAVO stroller system. This provides more protection from the sun than all the models listed above. The models are orchid, papyrus, Polaris, empire, lilla and Silverspring
  4. ZIP canopies – Aren’t too different. They provide ample shade and the only difference is their style than anything else. These models are emerald, obsidian.

The big problem is that these car seats are sold as the same product, but they differ slightly. Hopefully we have cleared up the Chicco Keyfit’s canopy confusion.


The Chicco Keyfit Infant Car Seat has a 6-year lifespan. This means that if our used car seat list checks out (insert link here), the car seat can be handed down.

To find your car seat’s expiry date, check the sticker label on the top of the base, or on the bottom of the car seat itself. NB: Sometimes, the date of manufacture of the car seat base and the actual car seat may sometimes differ.

Care and Maintenance

Clean the car seat’s fabrics with mild soap and water. You may machine wash these fabrics in cold water on the delicate cycle, using mild detergent only. Do not use any bleach.

To remove the seat cover, consult your car seat’s manual. To clean the harness, wash it with a damp cloth just on the surface. Never remove the car seat harness/harness components from the car seat.

If the car seat harness/straps are too dirty, they should be replaced immediately. Refer to our guide on how to clean a car seat


There isn’t much not to like about this infant car seat.

  1. Is heavy – Add that to your child getting older and carrying them around may turn out to be a real task.
  2. Bulky – Will be hard to fit 3 car seats across in the your vehicles back seat due to its size.

The Bottom Line

The Chicco Keyfit is an excellent car seat and definitely one of the best infant car seat options available on the market right now. Give it a shot!

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