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Car Seat Accessories: Good or Bad?

Your baby will occasionally become restless and miserable during car rides. Keeping your kids entertained for every car ride is hard. Most parents try to avoid car rides when they can, while some will give their babies some car seat toys to keep them entertained during the drive.

If you do decide to get your baby some car seat toys, here is some stuff you need to know beforehand.

How to choose safe car seat toys for your little one.

Whatever you decide to get your child, you need to take two things into consideration.

  1. Is the toy soft enough? Would you be comfortable if a pro baseball pitcher threw that toy at your child? Any toy that you buy for your baby should be something that you are confident would cause little harm if it flew towards your child at 30 mph. To find out how fast a toy will hurtle towards your child during an accident, multiply weight of the toy by the speed the car’s travelling at. That gives you an idea of how dangerous car seat toys can be. Small, soft, plush toys make for great car seat toys.
  2. Hit yourself in the head with any of the car seat toys. Does it hurt? if it does, then it definitely poses a risk for your baby during a car accident. Soft toys are recommended.

Car seats have to pass stringent crash and safety tests before they are put on the market. Unfortunately, products that aren’t sold with the car seat do not have these tests carried out on them. That is why you will find car seat toys that fail the tests mentioned above on the store shelves.

Mirrors and window shades are not the worst things in the world. However, choose those that cling to the window of the car. The window shade for instance, may have a roller in it and this could turn into a dangerous projectile coming straight for your head in the event of a crash.

Mirrors need to be light and flexible. Unless it is as simple as a reflective sticker round a cloth pad, it is too dangerous to have in your car and around your baby.

Car Seat Handles.

While some parents will attach car seat toys to their infant’s car seat, others swear against it.

Our advice is that before you attach anything to the car seat handle of your child’s car seat, read your car seat owner’s manual. Some car seat models allow it, and others do not.

Additionally, many parent’s wrongly believe that the handle must be down. This is incorrect. Some brands allow this having the handle up, whereas some don’t. Your car seat manual will sort out any questions you may have.

Also, make sure that the car seat toys you attach to the car seat handle pass the simple car seat tests described above.

Keep your car seat toys secure.

The best way to be sure that a toy wont end up being a dangerous missile in a crash is to keep them secured.

Additionally, if there are loose items in the car such as a purse or other projectiles which you cannot do without, keep them low and/or secure them well. Otherwise, keep them to a minimum, or take them out of the car.

The same goes for any luggage. Ensure that everything is secured properly.

It takes a lot of effort choosing the best car seat for your baby, and even more to install it correctly. Do not negate this massive struggle by having or putting something in the car that’ll just whack them in the face should you get into a car crash.

Wish you the best! Happy parenting!!

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