Car Seat Safety

We have vast experience regarding everything car seats. We have had lengthy conversations with parents about safety, the pros and cons of many car seats, and tested hundreds of car seats over the years. We have used this experience to curate useful content that is meant to help you find the best car seat, and use it safely. Read on!

Registering your car seat


Car seats just like any other products are subject to recalls.  Many times, recalls are not complicated. They may involve an updated manual or a new label. Should this be the case, the car seat is safe to use. The only way a car seat manufacturer can get in touch with you is if you […]

12 Car Seat Safety Mistakes You May Be Making


Using a car seat does not ensure your child’s safety. Car seats are intended to keep your young one safe, but if not used correctly, your child’s safety may be compromised.  Various mistakes during use like incorrect use of the harness, loose car seat installation, washing car seat straps or putting your child forward facing […]

Car Seat Safety 101

Convertible car seat reviews

Whether you are a first time parent or you have been at it for a while now, it is important to go through the essentials of car seat safety once in a while. As a parent, your child’s safety is absolutely essential. Going through these safety rules might be just what saves their life. The height […]

Used Car Seats – How to Borrow/Sell/Buy

used car seats

“Buy a used car seat!” they said. “It’ll be a bargain!” they said. A good deal can be very tempting. You are on a budget, looking for a car seat and there it is on craigslist, the car seat that fits right within your budget and it is in “EXCELLENT CONDITION” and has been “GENTLY USED”, […]

Why Do Car Seats Expire?

car seat expiry date

Every car seat comes with an expiry date. Doesn’t make sense does it? You’ve been holding on to that car seat that your teenage daughter used and can hardly wait to use for your little bundle of joy. Could this car seat have expired? Well, this article will explain why that car seat or booster seat can no […]