Car Seat Safety

We have vast experience regarding everything car seats. We have had lengthy conversations with parents about safety, the pros and cons of many car seats, and tested hundreds of car seats over the years. We have used this experience to curate useful content that is meant to help you find the best car seat, and use it safely. Read on!

How To Dispose Unusable Car Seats


Car seats are rendered useless all the time. The seat might have expired, been involved in an accident may have been recalled by the manufacturer because of a fault. So, what should you do if your car seat is no longer fit for use? One important thing parents should note is that you should never […]

Should You Replace Baby’s Car Seat After a Crash?


A car seat is intended to save your child’s life in case of an accident. It does so bycradling their heads thus preventing their weak spines from snapping or their pelvic bones from crushing into their little internal organs. So yeah , a car seat is very important. Installing it correctly is just one part […]

7 Car Seat Rules To Keep Your Baby Safe

infant car seat safety

There are so many car seats to choose from and buying just the right one can beoverwhelming. A car seat is however perhaps the most important purchase you will make. If you are the kind of person who is conscious of budgets, cut costs on other baby items like swings, fancy cribs, etc. A car […]

Car Seat Safety Challenges In Summer


The summer heat will often mean that your car and its occupants will often be too hot. Your little ones just like you, could get burned by a hot strap or buckle. Keeping your children cool in the car is one thing that may need a little creativity on your part. We have some tips […]

The Car Seat Use Guide

Infant car seat reviews

There is a lot of confusion surrounding car seats. Some are expensive and advise about them and all the brands available may be overwhelming for parents. We hope that this article will shed some light 🙂 To begin with , there are some guidelines that generally apply to children and car safety: 1. No car seat is […]