Car Seat Safety Challenges In Summer

- August 29, 2017

The summer heat will often mean that your car and its occupants will often be too hot.

Your little ones just like you, could get burned by a hot strap or buckle. Keeping your children cool in the car is one thing that may need a little creativity on your part.

We have some tips and tricks for you that may help keep everyone safe and cool in your car during the summer.

Put the car in the garage if you have one. Also try as much as possible to leave windows slightly open. This may not help much, but letting any heat out of the car always helps.

Cover your windshield from the inside with a sun shade. Avoid using the ones that have suction cups or a solid bar. These may cause serious injury during an accident should your head hit the window.

Always feel the buckles and the car seat itself to check if they are too hot. Use a towel to transfer the heat from the buckle or let the car air out for a few minutes. Do not put your child in a hot car seat as they can be easily burned.

Frozen ice packs can also be used to cool the buckles or a seat that it regularly warm. You can get a “Cold Seat” product that you freeze and put on the car seat to cool it.

Things do get a bit trickier once you hit the road. Obviously your car a/c (if it works) should be able to cool you and the kids off.

Also, give your children lots of water or drinks with ice in them. Keeping water bottles with you 24/7 may be a good idea.

Older kids can be given a spray bottle to mist themselves and their younger siblings (or you could just do it yourself at a stop).

You could even get some of those soft foam fans for extra cooling if you don’t have a/c.

What other tips do you have for keeping your kids cool in the car?

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