7 Car Seat Rules To Keep Your Baby Safe

- October 13, 2017
infant car seat safety

There are so many car seats to choose from and buying just the right one can be
overwhelming. A car seat is however perhaps the most important purchase you will make. If you are the kind of person who is conscious of budgets, cut costs on other baby items like swings, fancy cribs, etc. A car seat can and will save your child’s life. We hope these 7 rules to buying a car seat will help 🙂

You don’t need a pretty car seat; you need a safe car seat.

A car seat may look nice, but if your child does not fit in it, it will not keep them safe. The car seat may even out them at more risk. When it comes to travel systems, most car seats will fit with different strollers. A stroller and car seat are separate purchases (but you do need to consider compatibility).

Always try the seat out before you buy, or make sure you can return it.

Try the car seat out before you buy it or ensure that you can return it. The only way to know that a car seat fits is to try it. You can call the store ahead of time and ask if they will let you test the seat. If you buy a car seat online, be sure that you understand their return policy and that it works for you.

Buy a new car seat

If you are not clear on whether the car seat has been recalled, expired or if it is generally in good condition, just get a new car seat. Only buy a used car seat from someone you would trust with your child’s life.

If it didn’t come with car seat, you don’t need it.

car seat toys
All those cute toys and add-ons are potentially dangerous. They also take away any liability from car insurers should the seat fail you. These toys are considered illegal in most states. So when it comes to toys, pillows and add-ons don’t waste your money.

Always Read the Manual.

The manual is your car seat bible. All the questions you have about the car seat are answered in the manual. Go through it before you buy the seat and keep it for reference. Should you misplace it, call the manufacturer, order a new one or get an online version.

The best car seat install is the safest.

The seat belt isn’t safer than LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) and vice versa. That said, you can’t use both at the same time. The middle of the backseat is generally safer than the sides. Where and how you get the best install will determine the safest install for your car seat.

Ask a CPST for help with a proper install

Call 1-866- SEAT-CHECK or visit safekids.org to find a certified technician. The manufacturers number is always on the manual so you can call them as well. When in doubt about anything, always ask for help.

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